Date Location Event

November 1990

Paris, France

Meeting at Fondation Toxicomanie et Prévention Jeunesse, in Paris of the first group of seven people from European helplines.

April 1991

Madrid, Spain

FAD welcomed us for the first meeting of what later became known as the European Working Group;17 representatives from helplines in 10 EC countries attended the meeting.

May 1992

Lisbon, Portugal

Following the request of the European Commission, the first European conference of drug helplines was held. The conference was successful as 200 people attended, among whom were delegates from eight Central and Eastern European countries;

September 1992

Cardiff, UK

A meeting of the Working Group decides to write a charter of ethical principles and to seek recognition as an official European NGO.

November 1992

European Drug Prevention Week

A successful radio campaign carried out by the helplines leads to increased recognition throughout Europe.

April 1993

Amsterdam, NL

The Working Group founded FESAT as an NGO and it becomes a fully fledged organisation able to move ahead freely under the scrutiny of its numerous sponsors.The first executive committee, consisting of a President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer is formed. Philippe Bastin is elected the founding President.

July 1993

Tignes, France

First training summer school

July 1994

Swansea, UK

Second intensive training summer school

October 1994

European Drug Prevention Week

High profile media campaign involving helplines - 19 helplines in 11 member States involved over 400 radio stations and sent out more 1.5 million leaflets. A CD entitled “High on Dance” produced to publicise the prevention week.

August 1995

Austria, Finland and Sweden join the European Union and members from those countries join the FESAT board.

October 1995

Paris, France

First edition of Lines published

November 1996

Barcelona, Spain

First Seminar on Drug Helplines and Legal Aspects

February 1997

Amsterdam, NL

First meeting of the network of Dutch speaking helplines held

February 1998

German language edition of “Guidelines for Good Practice on telephone helplines” published

March 1998

Cardiff UK

Fifth anniversary Board Meeting

November 1998

European Drug Prevention Week

Preparation of joint action among drug helplines FESAT postcards distributed

December 1998

Publication of the guidelines “Families and Drug helplines”

May 1999

Brussels, Belgium

The FESAT Permanent Office installed in new offices

April 2000

Lisbon, Portugal

FESAT Board Meeting held at the offices of the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction

March 2001

Berlin, Germany

2nd Conference of European Drug Helplines

April 2003

Milan, Italy

Conference of Associated Services

July 2003

Brussels, Belgium

Seminar with Applicant and Eastern European Countries