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  • is a network which currently joins together about 50 European drug helpline services
  • has a charter setting out the ethical principles to which all members of the Foundation adhere
  • has representatives from the Member States of the European Union on its Board ,who are experts in drug helpline work

Final Meeting of SKEPDAH Partners in Cyprus

The Skills and Knowledge Exchange Project for Drug and Alcohol Helplines (SKEPDAH) was designed as a way for Drug and Alcohol Helplines to learn from each other and to exchange experience in a sustainable manner. It is a so-called KA2 Strategic Partnership under the Erasmus+ program running from January 2017 to August 2018.

During the life of the project, there have been three Transnational Partner meetings during which information, experience and resources were shared and used to develop a draft curriculum on three topics: that are currently challenging Drug Helpline workers throughout Europe: helpline skills and risk of Burnout; dealing with NPS (New Psychoactive Substances) and managing Dual Diagnoses at the Helpline. The draft curricula are trialed or used within our individual services to help inform training and support needs for helpline staff and any learnings will be fed back to inform final versions of the curricula.

The final meeting of the SKEPDAH project took place in Larnaca, Cyprus earlier this month on June 18th and 19th and was hosted by project partner PERSEAS. The agenda of the the two-day meeting of course had a focus on dissemination of the project's results. The highlight was of course the launch of the finalised versions of the three training curricula. In order to facilitate their dissemination additional materials and media were created and developed. These will allow all partners to share the result of this inspiring project through email, newsletters and social media in the months to come.

Project partners working on dissemination materials:  

A range of promotional and dissemination materials

Our Norwegian partner created a ‘teaser animation' with colleagues as a mini advertisement for the project. This animation will be made available soon. All partners will be able to use and share it across social media to help disseminate the projects work and also direct people to this FESAT website where the curricula will be made available for download in the weeks to come.

As a try out for a new and refreshing way of presenting and disseminating project results, the Irish Partner made a Pecha Kucha style presentation. The idea of the Pecha Kucha presentation technique is to share the essence of the projects context, work and outcomes in a dynamic way, using 20 very visual slides for 20 seconds each, using minimal text or bullet points. The PowerPoint used at the meeting was put into a video which can now be view on our FESAT YouTube-channel.

Click picture to launch the Pecha Kucha presentation

Launch Pecha Kucha Presentation

Furthermore, during the two day meeting short video inputs from partners were recorded. Each of these three videos provides first hand information on the context each curriculum. These will be used to promote the curricula and can already be viewed on YouTube.

For the remaining months of this project, all partners will redouble their efforts to spread the word and share the curricula and the project dissemination materials as widely as possible, as our goal is for the learning to be shared not only across Drug and Alcohol Helplines, but to all helplines and organisations for which these topics have some resonance.

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