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  • is a network which currently joins together about 50 European drug helpline services
  • has a charter setting out the ethical principles to which all members of the Foundation adhere
  • has representatives from the Member States of the European Union on its Board ,who are experts in drug helpline work

RUStelefonen works out a routine for Burn Out Prevention

Our Norwegian Drug Helpline colleagues of RUStelefonen who are an active partner in the current SKEPDAH project invested in elaborating a routine for Burn Out Prevention with their team.

Inspired by the work on Burn Out Prevention in the SKEPDAH partnership

SKEPDAH stands for Skills and Knowledge Exchange Project for Drug and Alcohol Helplines. The first topic focussed on by this Erasmus+ funded partnership was helpline skills and risk of burn out. Issues like the risks fo vicarious trauma whilst working in a drug helpline were largely addressed and several usefull resources were gathered in view of elaborating an training curriculum on this topic. The work done within SKEPDAH inspired the team of RUStelefonen to try and put these insights into practice. Being aware that as a drug helpline worker one has to take on the callers emotions such as anger, sorrow, fear and dispair, they set out to building a routine helping them to get to grips with these challenges.  

And based on the experiences of the staff themselves

It was the specific ambition of the RUStelefonen team to work out a routine that was based on the experiences of the staff in their daily helpline work. A strong focus was put on identifying factors, signs and symptoms of burnout and emotional vulnerability as well as on clear strategies to take action whenever the risk of burn out may occur.
During a team workshop all input was gathered. This lead to the idea of drafting a checklist for self-surveillance and routines for dealing with colleagues at risk of burn out. Within the weeks after the workshop the team continued to work on specific issues and on the fine-tuning of the the checklist and routine. The result of all this work was put into a short report. We thank RUStelefonen for their kindness to make this available for download below.

"With only ourselves and our voices to rely on, it is hardly surprising that we experience workday stress
when proving helpline services." 
Read more about the inspirational work of RUSTelefonen and download their report here.   
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