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What is

  • is a network which currently joins together about 50 European drug helpline services
  • has a charter setting out the ethical principles to which all members of the Foundation adhere
  • has representatives from the Member States of the European Union on its Board ,who are experts in drug helpline work

Since 2001 FESAT has been running a monitoring project.

A main goal is to identify new drugs and new drug trends as early as possible.
Another goal is to give FESAT helplines a possibility to compare the latest trends registered by their own helpline with trends in other parts of Europe, i.e. to see the work of their own helpline in a European context.

The monitoring project started, after consultation with the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) in Lisbon. Since then, FESAT continued to have a dialogue about the project.

The idea of the FESAT monitoring project is to collect data twice a year, using a simple questionnaire about changes occurring during the first six months of the year (with data collection in the Fall of each year) and the last six months (with data collection in the Spring of each year).

The study has a qualitative nature, which means that the intention is to identify trends but not to quantify the size of a change. From each data collection a report has been made available to FESAT Members and the REITOX Focal Points throughout Europe.

The most recent reports can be downloaded here.

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